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Welcome to Team Tyre Straits: the homepage of our adventure; updates on our quest to reach Mongolia; answers, perhaps, to the question - why on earth did we try and do this in a Vauxhall Agila.


As of Thursday 12 July, we have officially started our Mongol Rally adventure!


Please visit our BLOG for the latest updates (which we'll post when we can), and our SPOT LOCATION TRACKER for our latest position.

In short, several hundred people travelling more than 10 000 miles from Western Europe to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia (and then Ulan-Ude in Russia) in a tiny 1200cc rust-bucket of a car that only possesses an MOT through some sort of dark magic. All in the name of charity!


Read more and see our route >


We've dreamed about joining the Mongol Rally for well over a decade, and obviously - despite the challenge - it's going to be enormous fun.


But there's more to the Mongol Rally than that!


But who says we can't also do a great deal of good whilst having fun?! So here comes the important bit! Along the way - throughout the next eight months or so and then throughout the rally itself - we'll be raising awareness and money for several outstanding charities.

Dan's the dreamer, Rob's the rock-star rocket-man, Jen's the artist and Mad Maddy's the medicine man - well, woman.


That's us in a nutshell, but there's the distinct possibility that there's more to us than that. Check out our profiles to find out a little bit more about us!


Our profiles >


Simple. It all begins on 15 July. Or does it?


No, it doesn't. It's already started. We need to find our chariot, plan our route, apply for visas, get some vaccinations (we think? Maybe? Do we need  any vaccinations?!), prepare ourselves both mentally and physically, and - most importantly - raise a shed-load of money  for some really good causes.


Follow our progress on our updates blog and follow our Mongol timeline using the link below.

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