tyre Straits and the Mongol Rally
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Nothing on the rally is certain. Previous teams have been swept up in civil unrest, revolts and uprisings (including the attempted 2016 military coup d'etat in Turkey), so our route, therefore, is liable to change.


We will however endeavour to keep the map below up-to-date; Our intended route so far, known colloquially as 'The Southern Route', one renowned for it's rich and diverse cultural experience. It will take us south east toward Turkey, then on toward Iran and out into Turkmenistan. Continuing onward through 'the Stans', we travel along the notorious Pamir Highway all the way up toward Russia, around China, and then through Mongolia (before heading back into Russia for the official finish line).


Explore our route on the map below. (Click the 'Fullscreen' icon - top right - to launch the map in Google Maps.)

"A Brief Guide" to the Mongol Rally, produced by The Adventurists

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