tyre Straits and the Mongol Rally
Sponsorship and enormous thanks to:

Our heartfelt thanks and eternal gratitude to the following companies and individuals.

An enormous thank you to Jordan and the team at Halfords in Harlow for their assistance in so many aspects of helping us prepare our car.


Thanks to their help we have a fantastic roof rack kit, shiny new brake discs, a stereo we can actually listen to music through, and much much more!


Visit our blog here to check out our latest car updates!

The Maltings Garage

A big, big thank you to the guys at the Maltings Garage for MOT'ing our wonderful Agila and giving us all sorts of advice and tips for how to prefer it for the rally.


An extremely friendly and efficient service we would highly recommend to anyone else!


They can be found at The Maltings, in Sawbridgeworth.


If you need any help or advice about paint, these people know everything. Like, everything.


Before we continue, we feel that it's important to mention that we and we alone were responsible for the paint job on our wondrous Agila; the actual painting was in no way connected to these wonderful people.


However, without the fantastic advice and guidance, as well as tools, paint and equipment from the guys and gals at Leonard Brooks Paints in Harlow, there's no way on earth we'd be quite so pleased with our fantastic paint job!


Should you be in need of any sort of advice regarding paint and/or cars, don't hesitate to contact the fantastic guys at Leonard Brooks at their store in Wych Elm, Harlow.


Our grand car reveal will be coming very soon, so keep an eye on our website and our blog for news!

John Miles & Son

Another big thank you to the guys at John Miles & Son for so expertly patching up our leaky exhaust!


We look forward to working with them some more as we work to acquire spare parts for the rally.


They too can be found at The Maltings, in Sawbridgeworth.


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Sponsorship and enormous thanks to: