tyre Straits and the Mongol Rally
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So, you've read our Charity Fund Raising page, and would like to sponsor us and our charities. That's fantastic - thank you!


The big, red shiny button below will take you to our Virgin Fundraising page, where you can donate directly to our charities.


If you do however still have any questions, please e-mail Daniel at daniel@tyrestraits.com, or use the form on the contact us page.


Thank you.

Support our team



Three or four spare tyres, a billion visas, and enough petrol to get us to, well, Outer Mongolia... eek!


Whilst we will be working extremely hard to fundraise for Cancer Research UK and Mind, we would, of course, be extremely grateful for direct support for our team.


This support will aid us with our initial planning, acquisition of our many visas, preparation of our chariot, and all the equipment that we will require to travel over 10 000 miles from England to Mongolia and Russia.


We are seeking sponsorship support from both individuals and  companies, who, in return,  will receive advertising space on our wonderful Vauxhall, website, Facebook and social media pages, and throughout all multimedia captured in the run up and during the actual event.


If you feel able, and would like to support us in this capacity, please get in touch using our contact us page, or e-mail Daniel directly at daniel@tyrestraits.com.


Thank you.

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