tyre Straits and the Mongol Rally
When: Our Rally Timeline

So it all begins on Sunday 15 July, right?


Nope! It's already started. There is SO MUCH to sort out and arrange. Our car. Our visas and vaccinations. The route and, of course, our fundraising! The list goes on.


Key milestones and important dates are listed below, and clicking on them will take you to their respective entries on our updates blog, where you can track our progress all the way up to launch day.


More details, events and dates are being added to this page on a regular basis, so keep an eye out!

  • Website launch


  • Actual Rally sign-up

  • Fundraising page launch

  • Chariot acquisition

  • Chariot customisation commences

  • Visa application started

  • Vaccinations

  • Chariot reaches ready status

  • Chariot debut

  • Team Tyre Straits leaves the UK - Friday 13

  • Rally party and launch ceremony in Prague - Sunday 15 and Monday 16 July

  • Rally's a go!


This is it! We've completed all the steps and we're ready to go! Keep an eye on our blog, and our instagram page for our updates - and, please, wish us all the best!

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