tyre Straits and the Mongol Rally
And who are we?

Leading the group from London out into the great unknown will be Dan and Rob - having dreamt about participating in the Mongol Rally for over a decade. The far more glamourous duo of Jen and Maddy aim to join in Kazakhstan, participating in the last two weeks of the rally as we close in on the holy grail: Ulaanbaator, and then Ulan Ude.


Read more about the fantastic four below!

 Daniel We can’t decide whether Daniel will be doing most of the driving, or most of the photography. Then again, on the Mongol Rally, he might be able to do both. Flying all over Europe as an airline Captain by day, by night you’ll find him poring over maps of Tajikistan, wondering desperately whether he’ll ever learn how to spell it. Though slightly afraid of the lack of McDonalds en-route, and the vague possibility of developing a sun-tan, Daniel’s well-known love of travel and driving means he just can’t wait to set off. You can reach Daniel at daniel@tyrestraits.com
 Robert Rob, the guitar-wielding, rocket-scientist rock-star is the brains behind the operation. Actively competing with Dan to ensure he's not the map-reader, it will be, above all, Rob's kick-ass musical playlist that gets the team halfway across the world to Mongolia. Designing mind-boggling space stuff by day, and desperately trying to convince Daniel that there's only one 'k' in Tajikistan by night, Rob's passion for travelling means that he too just can't wait to begin.

and, joining us for the latter stages of the rally, are our far more beautiful accomplices:

 Maddy Having immigrated to the UK from Malaysia, and with her love of challenge and travel, Maddy brings a sense of adventure to the team before we've even set off. Working hard as a pharmacist by day, and retaining a cool head even in the face of Dan and Rob's madness, we're firmly relying on Maddy to convince us to that, yes, Ulan-Ude really is far enough, and that, when we reach it, it might possibly be time to turn around and head home. That and hopefully providing us with a solution when we all contract a previously undiscovered, flesh-eating bacteria.
 Jen Jen will be the team member providing navigational services on our journey, thus ensuring the most adventurous route to...well...probably not quite where we want to end up. Using her substantially greater talent at everything creative however, it will be Jen's design adorning our chariot as we head eastward. Whilst we aim to keep it a secret a little longer (until it's grand unveiling at least), her design will ensure that, amongst even the most unusual Mongol Rally entrants, our car stands out above the rest. Keep an eye on our updates page for Jen's design!
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